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{MTO} Personalized Easter Holiday Peeps Decor

{MTO} Personalized Easter Holiday Peeps Decor

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This set is completely personalized to your needs. The 2x2" base can be left blank, or you can customize with YOUR OWN SAYING! The bunnies come in 2 sizes: 3.5" OR 2.5".

Available colors: Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple & Yellow

In the displayed picture, the larger bunny represents our child, the smaller bunny represents their children (our grandchildren)! The base measurements on this picture is 2x2" and 12" wide.

Base + 1 through Base + 3 Peeps has 6” base

Base + 4 through Base + 6 Peeps has 12” base

Base + 7 Peeps and larger has a 16” and will accommodate 8 peeps on the base, others will sit next to the base.

This is so that you can arrange them as you wish. It also makes shipping this item easier for us, and less likely that your item will break in transit!



All sales are final.
Each piece of wood is hand selected and may have perfect imperfections such as knots, nicks, small cracks and holes. Every piece will take the stain and distressing process differently, therefore, creating a unique one of a kind piece.
We have SOLE OWNERSHIP of any and all designs we create, including custom designs & reserve the right to SHARE any and all designs we create, including custom designs, on all social media platforms.
We reserve the right to SELL any and all designs we create, including custom designs.
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